Today we're excited to announce to release a free-to-use Ethereum API for querying on-chain data. With it, you can make queries such as:

  • Get balances of an address or extended public key
  • Get transactions or transfers by address or hash
  • Get any token (all or a specific) or block (latest or a specific)
  • Get smart contract bytecode

To check it out and start building, you can grab API keys on our website.

Building on Ethereum

Ethereum has been a important part of our company's culture ever since Ethereum's 2015 Frontier release enticed our team to focus on crypto full time. Between 2015 - 2017 our team built Ethereum smart contracts, performed smart contract audits and even built open source Ethereum libraries.

When we started working on Zabo to provide an API to connect to any cryptocurrency account to any application - we knew that connecting to Ethereum, Bitcoin and other protocols would be a very important part of that. Users should have access to all their accounts and all their data, regardless of whether that's in an exchange or a self-custody wallet.

Today many apps use Zabo to connect their users' Ethereum accounts - whether that's MetaMask, a direct address search or even a hardware wallet - alongside all their exchanges and other wallets. Zabo's Ethereum API is what we use on the backend for making our Ethereum connections.

What's next

We are working on some really exciting features related to Ethereum that we'll be releasing the next couple months. Stay tuned... here is a hint: