We're excited to announce that we've partnered with On Deck as a technology partner!

On Deck is a global, invite-only community where top product, engineering, and operating talent goes to start or join a venture. They're building a suite of products and services with goals of becoming a magnet for the most talented entrepreneurs in the world to come to On Deck when they're exploring their next move.

The community was started in 2016, and has grown organically over the past few years with On Deck Hosts coordinating one-off dinners in cities around the world. In mid-2019, they formalized this product with the launch of the On Deck Fellowship, and have had 80+ companies go on to raise over $46M in funding to date in their first two cohorts.

The Fellowship is an 8-week program that brings together a group of 150 early stage founders, and creates opportunities for fellow entrepreneurs to work alongside one another on their startup ideas, find co-founders and early hires, connect with mentors, experts and investors in various industries via a series of 1:1 introductions, dinner events, workshops, webinars, and more.

The goal of the Fellowship is ultimately to help more people build better companies by forming stronger, better aligned founding teams; fast-tracking early hires; and helping founders construct a community around themselves at the very earliest stages.

As a technology partner, Zabo will be providing On Deck startups with free and heavily discounted services to help their companies grow.

Why we're excited about partnering with On Deck

Having recently gone through the challenges of managing an early stage company ourselves, the On Deck mission resonated with our team at Zabo.

Starting a company is a very difficult endeavor. One of the key elements of success is having a network, especially early on, that can support you though the ups and downs. Having the right network can be the difference maker between closing a funding round and not, between hiring the right person or not and between making the right game-changing company decision and not.

We're thrilled to do our part to help early stage teams at On Deck thrive and break through.

To learn more about On Deck and the On Deck Fellowship, check out their website.

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